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Size: 15" x 11"
Sku# H-22

Available in multiple colors.
Colors from Left to right:
Black, Layered Jade, Cappacino, Celedon, Blue

Piatt Studio is proud to bring you: THE QUAN YIN

All Piatt Studio Masks were sculpted, and developed within Piatt Studio. They are limited production art pieces hand made in Coos Bay Oregon, Indoor/Outdoor safe all weather. Vibrant Colors don't fade, Mounting feature Stainless Steel 200 Lb high test wire. 100% satisfaction warranty, just return for full credit on the product returned (does not include shipping )

We here at Piatt Studio believed that she represents all of womens best features, love, compassion, tenderness, nurturing, motherhood, healing, kindness, warmth and Passion.

It appears if she was originally sculpted from stone during the Roman Empire on the Isle of Rhodes. She then was transferred during the spice trade to Indian, and then further to North Vietnam, South Vietnam and china. She has been Idolized in these other countries as the female aspect of Buddha.

The Greek version of the Quan Yin stands for peacefulness, serenity and washing away the worries. We here at Piatt Studio believed that she stood for everything that idolizes women.

With closed eyes in the traditional Japanese Celedon Green, she makes a beautiful addition to any bathroom or Greek/Oriental garden.