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The Child Inside in Blue: 21" x 15"

The Child Inside in Casteel: 21" x 15"

Bodhitsattva also known as Guan yo in Super Bad Brown: 16" x 20"

Bodhitsattva also known as Guan yo in Bamboo Ash Matte: 16" x 20"

Aztec Sundial with Incan Faces in Super Bad Brown: 16" Diameter

The Child Within in Gold: 12" x 16"

Mexican Sun Face in Brown Stain: 13" Diameter

Basking Woman in Blue: 11" x 13"

The Serenity in Light Celedon Green: 11" x 13"

Japanese Crane Scene in Raw Clay: 13" x 11"

Aztec Sunmask in Rust: 8" Diameter

Egyptian Cat in Blue: 5.5" Tile

Woman Descending in Blue Stain: 6" Diameter

Available in multiple colors and Various Stains
Colors from Left to right:
Black, Layered Jade, Cappacino, Celedon, Blue

Piatt Studio is proud to bring you: The One of a Kind Collection

This series of masks is incredibly limited production.
Call for quote on time needed for production.
They are arranged from the largest to the smallest.
They are available for wholesale single or in mulitples.
The wholesale price point is higher due to technique of production.

Thank you for viewing our items.
Darryl Piatt