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Bringing you Nature Inspiring Pottery Gifts Since 1994.

Piatt Studio LLC.

Home of Infinite Creations.

Piatt Studios has been many years in the making.

We have been fortunate to produce a fountain that people find simple, elegant and pleasing. We have shown many variations of our nature-inspired fountains and other art pieces throughout California at many retail craft shows, fairs and events. We have also enjoyed traveling to most major cities (New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, Las Angeles, Reno, Las Vegas, Portland and Seattle) to attend wholesale trade and art shows.

Thanks to each and every person, gallery and gift store that has purchased my fountains and art pieces over the years. We continue to sell our products to many fine art galleries and stores. Piatt Studio is a small limited-production studio and we will continue to create fine art pieces.

Recently, I had the opportunity to create and own a pottery supply outlet. This afforded me the occasion to work side-by-side with struggling artists, students and hobbyists. The experience was extremely enriching and I was delighted to share my knowledge and experience in the field of pottery. There was such a tremendous interest in the pottery field that a new spark has been ignited. Having enjoyed the teaching experience so immensely, I am now considering putting pen to paper and publishing a book on Piatt Studio giving a studio perspective on manufacturing art pieces from clay. I have been so blessed with fine friends, business partners and acquaintances that have inspired me in immeasurable ways.

Thank you so much for taking your time here...smile, breathe and relax.